Li Bo

"Teaching is not only about knowledge, but also through transmitting wisdom, values and beliefs."


I was born in Shen Yang City, Northeast of China. I studied Chinese language and literature in Anhui Normal University, and obtained the corresponding teacher qualification. I also acquired an Orienteering Coach Certificate from the General Administration of Sport of China.

I taught Chinese classic literature in Qingdao Xiang Yang Hai Academy 15 years ago. After I emigrated to Budapest, I founded the Europe-China Sinology Association which engaged in the promotion of Chinese traditional culture.

Why Kőrösi?

The time-honoured Körösi Csoma Sándor high school has a rich experience in bilingual education with a good teaching environment, lots of friendly teachers, and students have an international view. 

Why IB?

Many Chinese students are studying here, I'd like to help them to better understand the culture of their mother tongue and be proud of this.  I also hope they can succeed through the interpretation of Chinese and foreign classics, draw inferred examples, broaden horizons, and form independent opinions so as to be admitted to an ideal university in the world of further study.

The IB diploma programme is the most attractive to me due its diversity, cross-cultural interpretation, and critical thinking.